A Voice for the Voiceless

I am a writer for the last 5 years. I have spent each day tirelessly improving my writing, waiting for that big break that would bring my writing to the world.

Today, I realized that I am not a writer. I am a journalist. And my job isn’t to bring my writing to the world, it’s to give a voice to those who get shunned in the popular narrative.

India is going through an incredibly difficult time right now. We are facing the possibility of a pandemic, that can take millions of lives in our country alone.

During this intense time, what can we do? What should we do? I am hearing horror stories of those suspected of disease being shunned by their neighbors, doctors being pushed out on the streets for doing their job, poor people facing the possibility of dying without food.

I don’t want any voice to go unheard in this tough time for our country. I don’t want any voice to go unheard in our country, ever.

This is a space for all those voices that get silenced or shunned because they are not part of the popular narrative.

This is a place for uncomfortable conversation. About caste, gender, creed, race, religion, politics, hunger, starvation – anything that affects Indians.

Let’s step up and do our bit. I will give your stories a voice through my writing. In English and local languages, if need be.

Let’s get our voices heard to the local, state and national governments. Let’s get together and be political. No more shying away from a discussion on politics and society.

This is a time to stand with each other, not against each other. Are you with me?

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